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Tutorial on Commenting on Posts

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Commenting is a way to share your thoughts and opinions about the content or argue its proposition. To comment, go to the comment section and press on the placeholder text: “Comment your opinion”

Comment Box

Finally, start typing! Once you’re done, just press the comment button. You can also reply to others’ comments by pressing the “Reply” button:

Comment Reply

Making your stuff look good

We also support (GitHub flavored) markdown! Markdown allows you to make text big, bold, and even make hyperlinks. For example, if you comment:

## A header

With some [hyperlinks]( or none
like You can ping a family
member's notification box like @michellobaeko.
You **could** quote *yourself*:

> Quoting myself

While also making a list:

- Hello there
- My name
- is Wall

Then, your comment will appear as:

Example comment

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Issues or Feedback

If you have any issues or feedback, post them on the Velnota wall

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Adding Articles

If you want to add a support article, write them up on GitHub