Editing Relationships

How to edit pending, blocked, or accepted relationships

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Sometimes, family members can get annoying, or you decide against inviting someone to your family, or want to edit your current allowable relations with a user (e.g. allowing them to ping you). Then you have two methods of doing so:

1. From your profile

  1. Head to your profile by pressing “Your Profile” in the top navigation (you may have to open the menu first).

  2. Press family (it should open a modal):

Family modal button

  1. Find your target and press edit on the right-hand side:

Family modal

2. From the target person’s profile

  1. Go to the other user’s profile (you can type in https://velnota.com/users/THEIR-USERNAME):

  2. You should now see a button saying “Edit your relationship.” Press the button and edit your relationship.

A comment section

  1. If you don’t see that button, it means they have either blocked you, or you may be seeing a button saying “Invite to Family”:

invite to family button

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