How to join Velnota - Via Invite or Request to Join

Tutorial on inviting users or signing up on Velnota

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Inviting Users

  1. If you’re already signed up on Velnota, click on the menu button (either the hamburger button or your profile picture).
  2. Press on the “Invite Others” button.

top navigation bar

  1. You can fill out 4 email addresses with a personal message and custom name (the name will appear as the “From” in the email, instead of saying “Velnota.” This makes the email a little more personal).

  2. Press the preview button to see how your email looks.
  3. If you’re satisfied, press “Submit”, and we’ll deliver that email for you.

Requesting to join

  1. You can also request to join. Head to the signup page.
  2. Click on the links that mention requesting to join.
  3. Fill out your email and captcha and hit submit.

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