What Can I Do With Family Members

Benefits of Family Members

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Currently, the default with what you can do with family members is ping them in your notes and comments and publicly showing you are a part of a person’s family.



To ping someone, you can write @username (e.g. @Andrew). They’ll receive a notification in their inbox (in this example, the user “test” pinged “Andrew”:

ping notification

Being Public

When other users view another’s profile, they can view who is a part of their family. If you don’t want others to see you being a part of a certain user’s family, you can edit your relationship with that user to adjust.

If you need help editing relationships, head to the Editing Relationships page.

Future Ideas

We’re currently developing a messaging platform and integrating some fun games for people to play with.

You can submit more ideas to our Velnota wall; can’t wait to hear them!

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