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Design Layout of Notes at Velnota

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You can view notes at the home page, your user profile, or in your walls.

Viewing them on your profile

Press on the profile picture at the top right, then press “My Profile”. If you see a hamburger bar (three horizontal bars), press that and then press “My Profile.” You should arrive at screen like this:

Your Profile

You can scroll through all your notes, select a wall, or just your public notes to view:

Wall selection

Viewing your wall’s notes

Any wall that you own or are a part of can be easily accessible from the homepage. First, click the “Velnota” logo to return to the homepage. Then, in your sidebar or below the note creation form, you can select a wall.



Notes at Velnota are structured like a tree. On the home page, we show the seeds of ideas. These are root notes. When you enter the full note’s page, you’re able to see its extensions and comments.

Extending a note is like extending an idea, branching out from this note’s original intentions. To share your thoughts or counterpoints on this note, comment rather than extend.

You can keep extending one branch’s idea on and on. The point is to keep thinking of new ideas, branching off from one another’s thoughts. The point is you can keep going down a rabbit hole and make an ant farm of ideas.

You can learn more about the concept of extensions here: What are Note Extensions

You can learn more about comments here: Comment Structure

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