How to Write a Note

Using Markdown to Write a Note

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The basis for all ideas starts with a pencil and paper. To begin, head to the homepage or a certain wall, and type in a title and some content.


You can also post in a specific wall by pressing the “Post In” button and selecting the target wall.

Note Extensions

Every idea starts with one note. But we want to build upon each other’s ideas. To write a note extension, go into a specific note, press “Extend current note’s idea,” and start typing like you would on the homepage:


To learn why note extensions are core to all ideas, you can learn more here.

Making your stuff look good

We also support (GitHub flavored) markdown! Markdown allows you to make text big, bold, and even make hyperlinks. For example, if you comment:

## A header

With some [hyperlinks]( or none
like You can ping a family
member's notification box like @michellobaeko.
You **could** quote *yourself*:

> Quoting myself

While also making a list:

- Hello there
- My name
- is Wall

Then, your note will appear as:

Example note

Images and videos

You can include images (including gifs) and videos by dragging and dropping an image over the editing area. Or, you can press one of the icons to add an image or video, respectively.

Still Need Help?

Issues or Feedback

If you have any issues or feedback, post them on the Velnota wall

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Adding Articles

If you want to add a support article, write them up on GitHub