What are Note Extensions

Why extend notes? They're ideas!

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From creating several versions of one Bongo Cat meme to creating several worlds hosting different beings, note extensions allows users to branch off each other’s ideas to expand a multitude of creativity.


Notes at Velnota are structured like a tree. On the home page, we show the seeds of ideas. These are root notes. When you enter the full note’s page, you’re able to see its extensions and comments.

Extending a note is like extending an idea, branching out from this note’s original intentions. To share your thoughts or counterpoints on this note, comment rather than extending.

Notes are created in a tree structure. You can extend notes like a tree branch and comment on notes like leaves - giving an idea vibrancy. You extend notes in order to build on top of others’ ideas, not to debate.

You can keep extending one branch’s idea on and on. The point is to keep thinking of new ideas, branching off from each other’s thoughts. The point is you can keep going down a rabbit hole and make an ant farm of ideas.

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