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How to add a long bio to your profile

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Creating a new note for your profile bio

  1. Head to your profile using the top dropdown.
  2. Press on the button that says: “Create a bio for other users to see!”
  3. The note is created in the Public space. It cannot be created in a wall.
  4. Finally, press “Post Note”

Taping an existing note for your profile bio

  1. You must have a public note to tape. It cannot be in any wall or previously be in a wall

  2. Head to the detail page of the note. (If you only see the card, press on the title).

  3. Press “Tape Note to Profile”

  4. Check your profile to see how it looks!

Removing the note from your profile bio

You can either delete the note or:

  1. Head to your settings.
  2. In the first page, press “Remove taped note in profile”

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