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What are Walls? Why Walls?

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Walls are ways you can organize your notes, publicy or privately. You can learn more about what you can make these walls into here: What Can I Do with Walls

Historically, walls have been for:

  • Inviting families and posting photos
  • Organizing company/organization ideas to create better products or services
  • Gather people of similar or completely different minds to generate ideas people could make (dreamers and makers, Republicans and Democrats, even just futurists).
  • Create boards where new ideas could come to life
  • Or simply just to post memes

Walls were originally named like that because the founder/programmer @Andrew would tape notes on his wall whenever a new idea popped in his mind. Whenever he had the time to go back to them, all he needed to do was glance over, snatch a note off the wall, and get to work making an idea a reality.

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